October 14, 2012

  • What happens when you confront an aggressor/oppressor?

    You will die.  Every time.  Because he is willing to kill, and you are not.  If you are ready, go for it.  But if you want to live a while longer, let sleeping dogs lie (dual meaning, for sleep, dogs and lie).  Let the Dead Bury the Dead.  They cannot touch the Living.

    Two illustrations:  Tobermory (Saki short story) – he was “oppressed” to tell truth he knew it was better to keep quiet about – they killed him.  (If you want to make people angry lie.  But if you want to make them livid with rage, TELL THE TRUTH, Murphy’s Laws on Justice.)  Another, Thrawn Janet, Robert Louis Stevenson.  She was forced into a posture of self defense – like Jesus before his accusers, she should have kept her mouth shut – but she let it fly – well if you recall, Jesus’s silence didn’t do him any good either.  Best thing is to AVOID the Oppressive, but it ain’t easy, they are everywhere.  “He was standing where I wanted to walk” (Charles Schultz, Peanuts) – just your very EXISTENCE is an affront, to some.  You must die, or submit to cloning.  But they will probably kill you anyway, can’t trust those who were forced into “obedience”.  In Thrawn Janet, her Benefactor, although certainly he knew better, forced Janet to capitulate (cut off her own head) to the mores of society if you will.  But Lord, thou knowest I am not wicked (Job).  Yes he does.  But until you have made peace with every being in existence you are at war with God – he that despiseth despiseth not man but God, I Thess 4:8.  No one can win that battle – some befriend more than others, but we would have to resign our Peculiar Birthright to truly love EVERYBODY.  (Ruth’s Nearer Kinsman could not save her without marring his own birthright, Boaz was another story, but Boaz is vewwy vewwy mysterious, meaning of his name cannot be determined, “why asketh thou my name seeing it is Wonderful (ok secret, same Hebrew word tho)?”)

    The devil comes and carts poor Janet away – but she was already “thrawn” – head tilted to one side as if she had been Hung – cursed is every man that hangeth on a tree. (I also quote the bible because it is SO INTERESTING, if you are not terrified by it, that is.  She loves you yeah yeah yeah not He hates you boo boo boo.  According to your faith, or absence thereof, be it unto you.)

    We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing;
    he chastens and hastens his will to make known;
    the wicked oppressing now cease from distressing:<—, good line, no?  Yes.
    sing praise to his Name, he forgets not his own.

    I am thinking that “his will” may vary depending on the need of the moment – in summer we turn on the ac, in winter the heat, God also is responsive to the peculiarities of the players imo.

    Yeah I know the picture doesn’t fit, the People are destroying the Aggressor.  I wish that was how it works – in my mind it does.  :D   (The Man Who Would Be King.)

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