May 24, 2013

  • shoutout to the universe

    Please pray for my friend and his daughter.  She’s about 23, artistic, made a lot of bad choices, had a lot of stubborn pride, cannot seem to get her balance back, all her options shut down at the moment, finally feeling despair – needs help, as does my friend.  What do I know – when I was in that situation we made every wrong choice though God knows (and He Does Know) we did/tried the best as hard as we could.  Any prayers, thoughts, greatly appreciated.
    She could have had every advantage but has one by one thrown them away – some not to be regained – but she was v. young and didn’t understand, until it is too late.  A common human experience, no?  Yes.  *feels grief*

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  • Well there is no easy answer. When a person is an adult who cannot control themselves those who love them stand around and cry.

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